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Principal's Message

Principal's Message 

East Side Elementary School

220 Messenger Street

Johnstown, PA 15902

(814) 533-5550

Principal Frank Frontino

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Kim Moore

[email protected]

Guidance Counselor Melana Simms

[email protected]

Psychologist Courtney Kuncelman

[email protected]


Welcome to Greater Johnstown School District’s East Side Elementary School…...Home of the Trojans!


East Side Elementary School is located in the Hornerstown section of Johnstown and is considered a neighborhood school as many of our 750 students walk to our campus.  The elementary school houses kindergarten through grade five.  The school community engages the students, parents, faculty, and staff challenging them to think and perform at high levels of achievement and to exhibit positive character values.  


East Side Elementary has an outstanding heritage and reputation for dedicated teachers and effective instruction as well as:

  • After school tutoring and before school child-care along with activities provided by Cambria County Child Development Corporation
  • PTA sponsored events
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Two computer labs
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Band and Symphony instrument instruction
  • SWPBS (School Wide Positive Behavior Support)
  • MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) for eligible students
  • Parent/Child programs held throughout the year in the evenings
  • Resource and Speech /Language Specialist services and special class programs are provided for eligible students
  • Summer in the City (student centered program that provides meals, tutoring, activities, field trips, etc.)


To this end we are committed to each and every child by recognizing and embracing multicultural differences and encouraging our children to possess the following qualities:

  • a mastery of academic skills
  • a love for learning
  • self discipline
  • polite manners
  • effective study habits
  • a respect for themselves and others
  • the ability to apply their knowledge to improve their quality of life

We believe in an active partnership between students, parents, community and staff. Open lines of communication are important for the success of our students.