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Hallway Lesson Plan


Hallway Lesson Plan

Universal Expectation: Be Respectful, Take Ownership, Make Choices That Are Right, and Practice Kindness, Be Safe

Name of Skill/Setting: Hallway

Purpose of the Lesson/Why it’s Important

  1. To teach students expected procedures when transitioning through the hallways.

Teaching Examples

  1. Your class is scheduled to go to the gym which is on the other side of the school and you love going to the gym.  You want to get there quickly and safely.  The best way to go is to stay in line, face forward, and walk quietly on the right side of the hallways with your class.
  2. Two students finished their speech lesson and went back to their room to find that their class left to go to gym.  Their teacher was not in the classroom.  At first, they were very confused because they did not know what to do.  Then they decided to make a plan and walk together to the gym class, reminding each other about the hallway expectations of the school.

Kid Activities/Role Plays

  1. Walk quietly.
  2. Keep hallway and stairs clean.
  3. Use stairs properly.
  4. Be in class on time.
  5. Walk in an orderly manner.
  6. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Follow Up/Reinforcement Activities

  1. Teacher/Staff gives positive praise.
  2. Ask students to report others who are following the rules.
  3. Staff increases rewards (ROCKS).
  4. Give reminders before behaviors are expected.