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Cafeteria Lesson Plan


Cafeteria Lesson Plan

Universal Expectation: Be Respectful, Take Ownership, Make Choices That Are Right, and Practice Kindness, Be Safe

Name of Skill/Setting: Cafeteria

Purpose of the Lesson/Why it’s Important

  1. To teach students expected procedures when entering and leaving the cafeteria as well as proper dining procedures.

Teaching Examples

  1. It's your time to go to lunch so you run and push to be first in  line.  What should you do? I should walk to get in line. I wait quietly in line to receive my food and say thank you to the cafeteria staff.  I get all my utensils, napkins, ketchup, etc.  I  then sit in my seat and eat my lunch while keeping my hands and feet to myself.

  2. My friend yells my name and I turn around to see him/her. What should you do?

Kid Activities/Role Plays

  1. Follow all adult directions the first time.
  2. Stay seated at all times.
  3. Use indoor voice.
  4. Eat only your own food.
  5. Clean up your table/floor area.
  6. Use kind words and good manners when talking to cafeteria staff.
  7. Dump tray when told by an adult then go straight back to your seat.

Follow Up/Reinforcement Activities

  1. Give verbal praise and Trojan ticket to students who are caught following cafeteria procedures. Teach cafeteria procedures as soon as possible.