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Classroom & Special Area Classroom Lesson Plan


Classroom & Special Area Classroom Lesson Plan

Universal Expectation: Be Respectful, Take Ownership, Make Choices That Are Right, and Practice Kindness, Be Safe

*Teach the following lesson according to your classroom procedures

Name of Skill/Setting: Classroom

Purpose of the Lesson/Why it’s Important

  1. To teach students expected procedures while in the classroom.

Teaching Examples

  1. In the classroom, demonstrate to the students how to sit properly in their chair, keeping their hands and feet to themselves/in their own space.
  2. In the classroom, demonstrate “raise your hand” when asking/answering a question. Then, demonstrate “wait your turn” when getting material, using equipment, playing games, small group work, to speak, going to the bathroom, lining up, using the fountain, etc…
  3. “Walk in the classroom at all times.” This will help prevent injuries.
  4. Respect your property and others’ property.

Kid Activities/Role Plays

  1. Model expected behavior. Demonstrate the wrong and right way to sit in your seat, raise your hand, and wait your turn.
  2. A friend gets up to sharpen his/her pencil and stops at your desk to talk. What do you do?
  3. Model following directions.

Follow Up/Reinforcement Activities

  1. Teacher/Staff gives positive praise.
  2. Ask students to report others who are following the rules.
  3. Staff increases rewards (ROCKS rewards).
  4. Pre-correct expected behaviors. Give reminders before behaviors are expected.