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Bus Lesson Plan


Bus Lesson Plan

Universal Expectation: Be Respectful, Take Ownership, Make Choices That Are Right, and Practice Kindness, Be Safe

Name of Skill/Setting: Bus

Purpose of the Lesson/Why it’s Important

  1. To teach students expected procedures entering, exiting, and while on the bus.

Teaching Examples

  1. You see your bus approaching so you run and push to get in line because you want to be next to your friend. What should you do? I should walk to get in line and ask my friend to join me. My friend doesn’t get out of line so I wait quietly in line and enter the bus. I can then sit in my assigned sit, face forward, and speak quietly.
  2. My friend yells my name and I turn around to see him/her. What should you do?

I should stay in my seat facing forward. I should keep my feet and hands to myself.

Kid Activities/Role Plays

  1. Have students discuss how they think the procedures for bus use show safety, respect for others, and cooperation.
  2. Have an empty bus for students to practice bus procedures.
  3. Follow all adult directions.
  4. Use indoor voices with kind words and action.
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Follow Up/Reinforcement Activities

  1. Give verbal praise and Trojan ticket to students who are caught following bus procedures. Teach bus procedures as soon as possible.